Summer Color Activity Idea

So my 4 year old really wanted to start school early. So we are starting with some color projects! These are fun to do as a family, especially rainy days in the summer.

Items you need:
– Color card stock
– various magazines, grocery flyers, and pictures you can cut out
– Scissors
– glue or tape
– stickers (If you want more)
– any other cute items that color (she picked a feather and poof balls)

We went through various magazines and she pointed out different items that were that color. We pulled out those pages to make it easier to cut. (I even cut the pages in half at times.)
We cut out all our “red” things and put them in a pile.
Next we laid it out on the “red” card stock.
We taped everything down cause we didn’t have the glue sticks today
… But you can glue or tape!
She added some red stickers and objects as well.
Finished it off with glitter paint for the “Red” title.

We will be doing a blue, yellow, orange, green, and purple one and put them all together on the wall to create a rainbow for this year’s school projects.
This will be our reminder of God’s promise to us. We are learning about His creation this year.

Can’t wait to see your creations! Make sure to post them in the comments or tag our IG and #mindovermom

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