The Mom Behind the Mess

What people see:

perfect, put together, a clean house, her kids doing arts and crafts and amazing things above and beyond, the perfectly balanced meals, date nights out and an amazing marriage …


Reality: a hot mess!

There were 5 inches of cleared space just for that “perfect” photo, laundry piled,

dishes not touched cause the baby had demanded her attention ALL day. That date night took a lot of effort to even happen, and there may have even been some frustrating words being exchanged by spouses, the exhaustion, the moments where she lost her cool cause that “art project” turned into a bigger mess then it was worth …

You didn’t see that most of the week was takeout or meals thrown together and this one “perfect” meal she probably planned out or had a recipe for.

The moment where she was in the bathroom in tears, rehearsing the failures of that day, wondering if this is worth it, if she really matters …

Social media is so good at showing a lie or half truth or not giving you any idea what a person really is going through or experiencing or feeling …

This was me … this was me 3 years ago. I was lying to the world and myself. I was in one of the deepest valleys of my life. I had no idea of how to express this to people, I was even at times lying to myself.

It was after I had our first child. I remember being exhausted, wasn’t sleeping, had no energy, was angry, sad, hurt, and probably every emotion there was!

My faith was wavering;

My marriage was struggling;

We were in extreme debt;

… and I was in that bathroom wondering if it was worth it, did I even matter, and would my family be better off without me!

Moms, you aren’t alone! You are not the only one trying to survive vs thrive in this season of life.

Something I learned 3 years ago … I NEEDED help and support.

I needed not only counseling;

and a community of people who could build me up and pour into me and encourage me;

but I also needed something medical or more natural to help me.

I personally opted in for the more natural route, but you need to do what is best for you.

Just get the help and support you need.

The supplements I found helped give my body what it needed to really heal; and give me the energy, sleep, and daily nutritional support I needed on this part of my journey. It is just another reason I have such a passion to help other struggling moms out there. But it also has opened up an opportunity to share support and give encouragement and let moms know they aren’t alone. There are tools out there to help, there are people who understand, that this is just a season and you were created for a purpose. So today, take a moment, start filling your cup, find a way to start healing or find tools to start thriving vs just surviving. And know that this momma is also a hot mess and in the trenches with you.

I will try my best to share tidbits, motivation, and support along this journey of helping all of us be the best wife, mom, and women we can be.

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