Blessings in the Chaos

How ironic is this post today?! So my previous post was about reality vs social media presence and how we try to make things look so perfect.

Well …

Today I was going to share the “perfect” food photo and recipe idea on my Instagram account. But guess what?! Mom life happened. I almost didn’t even take a picture of this (actually kinda wish I grabbed a picture of the actual result of what happened) but I grabbed it and wanted to share.

How many times do we have something happen as a mom? Something creates a mess, something doesn’t go right, or the kids get in trouble?

So, I had my picture perfect plate and went to grab the hemp seeds to add to the top to really make it “picture perfect” …

and the cat jumped up and the plate dropped!

Peppers exploding and tuna salad everywhere! I did manage to save some of it. But there went my picture perfect plate.

Now, 3 years ago I would have LOST it!!!!


Thankfully I have had something for a while helping me with my mom cool and I honestly started laughing. Cause I was thinking back to my previous post.

This wasn’t even supposed to be a blog post. But God has a way of teaching you things.

For me, I was sitting there remembering the blessings in the moment, I have food to eat (what was left), I have cats who are like family members, and I was not freaking out.

Even in the moments when chaos seems to happen, we can still find a blessing to help us turn that event around.

So this weekend, I challenge us to find blessings and joy even in the chaos of motherhood.

Here is a bonus for you. The recipe I was going to share. Enjoy.

Tuna Stuffed Bell Peppers

Ingredients: – canned tuna

– avocado

– favorite seasonings (I used Epicure Lemon Dilly)

– peppers cut in half and seeds removed

and you can shop up other veggies too (cucumber, shredded zucchini, onion, etc.)

mix the tuna, avocado, seasonings and any veggies you choose

add to the peppers


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