Fill Your Cup

What do you do for you?

As moms, we so often forget to take care of ourselves and take care of everyone else. You can’t pour into your kids, spouse, and others if you yourself have an empty cup. It is so easy for us to go days or even weeks without really taking the time for us.

So what are some ways to fill our cup? How does this busy mom do it?

First, I have learned I have to schedule it in … seriously.
And yes this may even mean I wake up earlier or stay up later. I make sure I have a few minutes set aside each weekday for God’s word/study. But I try to schedule at least 1 time a week where I do something for me.

Some of these times include:
– taking a bath, with CBD bath salts, and relaxing music
– gardening
– driving to get a coffee, no kids allowed
– going to get my hair or nails done
– listening to inspirational songs, videos, sermons, etc.
– enjoying a good book
– surround myself with other moms who can encourage me

I will tell you, I am able to pour into everyone again, once I have taken time for myself to refresh and reconnect with life. It isn’t selfish, it is needed!

So what do you do to fill your cup up? Or what are you going to do this week to fill your cup up?

2 thoughts on “Fill Your Cup

  1. I found out that we need to do this every so often. If we don’t take care of ourselves we can’t take care of others.


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