Stop Comparing …

Comparison has been something I have been battling a lot lately. We are towards the end of our breastfeeding journey. The mom guilt kicked in cause I was comparing and wondering if I was a bad mom for ending before he was one and not going longer. There are various circumstances involved, but I could push myself and technically go longer. I was looking at other moms and seeing them go 2-3 years and then wondering if I was supposed to do that for my child.

NO! Stop comparing yourself to other moms. We are all on a different journey. I couldn’t even breastfeed my daughter for more than three months, so this is already a huge “victory” for me. And what about the moms who haven’t been able to. Are they a bad mom? We are all on a different journey, and our kids aren’t loved any less just because we did or didn’t breastfeed for a certain amount of time.

That thought wasn’t even the start. How about comparing your fitness journey? Yep, I was doing that too. I had finished up a fitness and health challenge with my company and had seen progress on my journey! But then I started looking at other photos, especially those who were, in my book, “super-skinny.” I just broke down crying and feeling horrible about myself again. We have to remember something: we have no idea what others may have struggled through to get there. We have to remember we are on a different journey. I had seen progress, my self-confidence boosted, I started feeling better about my body, and I had been giving it the foods and supplements it needed. So why was I back to the comparing game?

It is so easy for us to compare ourselves to others. Easy to feel defeated and hopeless. I want us to remember something this week: We are all on our own unique journey. There is no one else like us! None! God created you to be unique and special and you. You are beautiful, loved, and strong.

You are a rockstar mom, you love your kids, and YOU know what is best. You also have no idea what is going on in the background of someone’s highlights! We see people usually at their best on social media, not the raw and messy parts of their life.

So choose joy this week and don’t let comparison be the thief of that joy.

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