Parenting Tips

  1. Give yourself Grace
    Thanks to a friend for sharing this reminder this week. So many times as a mom, we beat ourselves up. Parenting is a journey; it is a learning process; it takes time and even mistakes. We must give ourselves grace, ask for forgiveness, and let God work in us and through us. We are not perfect; we are human.
  2. Self-Care
    In my previous post, I shared about filling your cup first to help your family and others. As a parent, we can’t be the best for our kids if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. If we are always sick, how are we going to complete the day-to-day activities that are required of us? If we let our mental health hit rock bottom … where we are snapping at our kids and not wanting to get out of bed … then how are we going to show our children the love and support they need? (I was here three years ago, and that is the reason why I share and why I partnered with a great health and wellness company.) You can tell where someone’s priorities are by what they spend their money on and how they take care of themselves. They have no money to help their health and wellness or even their kids’ health, but they have the newest iPhone, just bought a new bag, they are eating out every night, going on trips, and whatever they want right now. Not that you can’t enjoy these things, but are they taking priority over the health of you and your family?
  3. Show Kindness and Understanding
    Why do we so easily snap at our kids? There are times I get frustrated easily, upset that my child is “nagging” me or not verbalizing what she needs. It is amazing the type of day we have when I show more kindness and understanding. We are also an example to our kids. They are watching us and see how we react to situations. So here is a tip: get down to the child’s eye level and ask what they are feeling right now. Many times they want to be heard and understood or don’t know how to explain it. Be patient with them and see what you can offer to help the situation. Be kind vs. lashing out.
  4. Be Respectful
    How do you expect your child to respect you if you don’t show respect to them? Be the example! Teach them to say please and thank you. Show them how to respect other peoples’ space and their property. Build them up and encourage them. Treat them as you want to be treated.
  5. Be Present
    Being in network & social marketing, it is easy for me to get lost in my work, to the point I am not giving my children, house, or even spouse the quality time they deserve. At this age, we are always on our phones! We have the tech on while we are eating. We can’t put the phone down while our kids are trying to show us the project they did. We get frustrated when we want to get something done and not give them the time. So something I have been learning is to have intentional, quality time with your child and family. When it is time to be with your kids, then BE with your kids. You need to turn off the phone, close the computer, and give them your full attention. Plan time out for them and take time to get to know them and their passions too. Set times where they know you are giving 100% to your work. Then set times that your children know you are giving 100% to them. These moments are so quick, a blink, and they are grown. Don’t miss out, slow down, and enjoy these moments with them.

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