Tips and Encouragement From Other Moms

“Not everything needs to be done in that moment. It’s ok to be exhausted from breastfeeding. Ask for help even if you think no one will, sometimes they surprise you!”
– Sharna P.

“It is ok to take break”
– Johannah C.

“Cherish the moments. Soak it in. It is perfectly fine to love on your baby and hug and hold them while they sleep. As a NICU nurse and former Pediatric ER nurse I advise against co-sleeping. They now sell bassinets that pull right up to the bed and some can attach to the bed. This would be a safer option. And baby shampoo is great on formula, breast milk or baby poop stains. Just a dollop to pretreat then wash later.”
– Gloria J.

“You can clean the house later snuggle that baby 💗
– April P.

“It is OK to ask for help!!”
Nichole W.

“Remember to take a deep breath and breathe for a second even when things get rough .”
– Stephanie L.

“Make sure you are in the pictures too. Sleep is more important than a pristine kitchen. Never let advice become your measuring stick of worth or ability.”
– Janice P.

“You can never hold a baby to much.”
– Ashley C.

“Don’t be afraid to sleep train. Cuddles are amazing! But them sleeping the right amount is even better more smiles and happiness through the day if they sleep when they need to”
-Alison S.

Do you have any other tips, advice, or encouragement for new moms? Feel free to share more in the comments

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