Blessings in the Morning Chaos

Have you ever had one of those days?
I mean not even 10 am and life has already been crazy, type of day?
The alarms didn’t go off, you are running late, kids need something before you can get out the door …
Spill coffee,
Realize halfway to your house that you don’t have the key, your husband does?
Who is at work by the way…
So you get to your house and have to pull out an AC window unit to climb through the window, so you can turn the breakers off?
And you have 2 guys from the HVAC company patiently waiting.
You realize once inside your cat was sick while you were gone …
Yeah, one of those days?

As moms, we tend to have so many of these days that our first reaction is to complain, be frustrated, and honestly at times blame God for it.

But what about the blessings?

  1. I woke up today.
  2. I have been blessed with 2 amazing kids.
  3. God kept me from a car accident cause I was running late.
  4. I have a house!
  5. We have the financial means (plus God’s provision) to replace an entire furnace and ductwork.
  6. I have cats.
  7. Thankfully this momma had hemp on her too so she could stay calm.
    And God is so good and is my help, provider, and strength!

So next time your morning ends up in chaos. Take a step back and find the blessings! 🙂

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