Working from Home

I am so thankful I am in this industry! I can work from home. There are many reasons why I am thankful, but this week one hit me. I can work (or not work) sick!

Being sick is hard! Then having your kids sick to?! I struggled so much this week. Lots of snuggles, tears, wiping noses, and trying to keep yourself and kids taken care of. But I am so thankful for those moments, that I am doing that and not someone else.

If this was me a few years ago, I would have been fired this week or had major issues. I mean we were all sick. There was no way I could have gone to an actual job to work. I was sick last month too so, no way would I have had time off for this.

To be able to work from home, to take care of my kids, and to take care of me, is vital. To be able to have a team and mentors in place to help my partners and customers was so helpful. And to be able to respond to things in bed while rocking a sick baby is a big deal for this mom.

This industry and the current project I have partnered with have been life-changing on so many levels. We have our 5 “F’s”: faith, family, friends, fitness, and finances … and that order is important. Faith and family first! To be able to put my family first this weekend was a blessing. To make sure I could take care of our health and to rest. Realizing that even this too has blessings and that it is just a moment in time.

And hey, if you are a mom out there also looking for something you can do from home, I am happy to help. Maybe something that strengthens your faith, helps you build relationships, gives you a community of support, teaches you about more natural holistic health options and lifestyle, and even gives you free financial coaching? I would love to connect with you and mentor you!

For all the working moms who can’t be home, I see you too. You got this!

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