Finding Self-Confidence and So Much More: a Health and Fitness Journey

Who struggles with their weight? Body image? Self-confidence? Or healthier lifestyle?

This has been me most of my life. Struggling with health issues that also effected my weight. Struggling with how to create a healthy lifestyle for me and my family. Struggled with body image and what others thought of me. Where all this led to some deep doubts and mental health struggles. My mental and physical health was suffering.

Three years ago we started on a new part of our health and wellness journey. I was so thankful to find something that was helping my mental health journey, my energy, my immune system, my sleep, my aches and pains, and more. To give me a community to help me and support me through life’s ups and downs.

We added a new program into the e-commerce business we already had. Our new Qfit program that was added last year. To have a phenomenal program with amazing coaches, meal plans, lifestyle tips and help, workouts I can do from home, and some of the very best supplements to give my body what it was missing … Priceless.

Meeting 2 of my coaches in person

I need to share something about this one picture. If you know me, you know I hate wearing dresses. I have never really had the self-confidence or felt pretty enough. Through this fitness and health journey, thanks to these 3 pictured here (and a few others) I gained my self confidence! I have lost 2 dress sizes (working on a third), I am stronger and healthier, I have more energy to keep up with my kids, we are preparing and eating more meals at home, we have learned how to pick healthier choices, I went from struggling to do like 4 sit-ups to knocking out like 20 without being winded within a month, and I am on the road to having a better more fit and healthy life. #1 thing … To be there for my kids and be the best momma I can be!

My life has been forever changed thanks to Kimble Jensen , Stacey Jensen , Jenny McGregor Franson and the whole MyQFIT team. And for my sweet friend Kristin Adams who introduced me to this life-changing opportunity. (curious about how this can help as a second income? Reach out to chat!)

And we are just getting started! We have a brand new challenge starting later this month! It is in teams of 4 and we would love for you to join us! Stop making excuses … Start today! What if this could be the life change you are looking for?!

(And excited to be adding our new liquid collagen to my routine too 😉 )

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