“Curiosity isn’t Commitment”

“Curiosity isn’t commitment” If you asked me 10 years ago if I would be here, I would have never even had this on my radar. Same almost 5 years ago when I made a huge pivot for myself and my family. 10 years ago I was kinda suckered into an MLM company. I never reallyContinue reading ““Curiosity isn’t Commitment””

My Journey

It isn’t just a weight thing.It is a whole lifestyle change. 4 years ago. I was at a really dark spot in my life.I had no energy, didn’t want to get out of bed, struggled being a new mom, couldn’t focus, was overweight, had horrible financial habits, my marriage was struggling, and I really didn’tContinue reading “My Journey”

When You Want to Quit

Let’s face it, just being alive is hard work sometimes. Add in being a mom, a wife, a business owner, a mentor, a leader … The list goes on. Things can get HARD. Life is a journey and there will be valleys and mountains. Today I was reminded of this. Today we started our “FindingContinue reading “When You Want to Quit”

Why Am I Not Seeing Success

A little heart to heart today. I feel like someone needs to hear this, cause I needed this reminder. Why am I not seeing success or improvements in my: business, marriage, parenting, or self-development?Here are some things I have noticed over the years that have helped or hindered my growth in these areas. Some questionsContinue reading “Why Am I Not Seeing Success”

Our 5 “F’s”

#faith #family #friends #fitness and #finances …. these are our 5 “F’s” we have been centered around for the past 3.5 years. This is what our business is focused around. We have to have balance in these. If one of these is off, it can mess up the others. So what are some practical waysContinue reading “Our 5 “F’s””

Meal Method Inspired Cookbook

If you haven’t seen my health and fitness progress this year with the MyQfit app and our Rize challenge … Make sure you check out my Facebook! Many of you have been asking for simple recipes utilizing the meal method that our nutrition coach, Jenny Franson, put together. So I put together a few ideasContinue reading “Meal Method Inspired Cookbook”

What is different? Is this the real deal?

Some of you have been following me a while. 🥰 Wondering why I left my previous businesses and how long this is going to last … ❓ Is this new e-commerce business really the real thing? Can it really help people? 1. I am here for life … Seriously. No, you won’t see me withContinue reading “What is different? Is this the real deal?”

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Family

I love sharing helpful tips and ideas. When I saw this gifting guide today, I knew I needed to share it with you all too! I am so excited for all these wonderful things that are more natural and support your health and wellbeing! Gifts for the kids, the men in your life, and evenContinue reading “Holiday Gift Ideas for the Family”

Filling in the Nutritional Gaps

“Long-term effects of micronutrient starvation could be brain fog, mental illness, lack of focus, low energy, wonky hormones, hair loss, weight maintenance issues, etc. Plants are almost empty of nutritional values.” ~Dr. Stephen Kimberly “Agroindustry knows this. They just don’t want to tell you because then they can’t mass produce, and their bottom line suffers”Continue reading “Filling in the Nutritional Gaps”

“Just Start” Day 1 …

13lbs … I seriously just stood there and cried today. And no these were not happy tears. To see I GAINED 13 lbs since my last weigh in back in June was not a happy moment. I mean I knew I hadn’t been able to workout as much this summer and alot of things haveContinue reading ““Just Start” Day 1 …”