My Journey

It isn’t just a weight thing.It is a whole lifestyle change. 4 years ago. I was at a really dark spot in my life.I had no energy, didn’t want to get out of bed, struggled being a new mom, couldn’t focus, was overweight, had horrible financial habits, my marriage was struggling, and I really didn’tContinue reading “My Journey”


Priorities!So many people tell me “I want to improve my health but I have no money” … seriously though if you really want to make your health a priority you will find the money!I mean if you are sick most likely you go and get Nyquil, Pepto, Advil, or something to make you “feel” better.Continue reading “Priorities”

Filling in the Nutritional Gaps

“Long-term effects of micronutrient starvation could be brain fog, mental illness, lack of focus, low energy, wonky hormones, hair loss, weight maintenance issues, etc. Plants are almost empty of nutritional values.” ~Dr. Stephen Kimberly “Agroindustry knows this. They just don’t want to tell you because then they can’t mass produce, and their bottom line suffers”Continue reading “Filling in the Nutritional Gaps”