My Journey

It isn’t just a weight thing.It is a whole lifestyle change. 4 years ago. I was at a really dark spot in my life.I had no energy, didn’t want to get out of bed, struggled being a new mom, couldn’t focus, was overweight, had horrible financial habits, my marriage was struggling, and I really didn’tContinue reading “My Journey”

Even in Chaos, Find the Blessings

Not even sure I can put everything into words from the past 24+ hours.ExhaustedEmotionally and physicallyBut I am also so thankful for so many small blessings from today.God is so good and provides for our needs.We ended up with an overnight vet emergency. So that meant two kids in the car driving to the nextContinue reading “Even in Chaos, Find the Blessings”

When You Want to Quit

Let’s face it, just being alive is hard work sometimes. Add in being a mom, a wife, a business owner, a mentor, a leader … The list goes on. Things can get HARD. Life is a journey and there will be valleys and mountains. Today I was reminded of this. Today we started our “FindingContinue reading “When You Want to Quit”

Season of Motherhood

I see you moms … I see the daily struggles. The hard times.The challenging moments. I see the snuggles.The times set aside. The laundry piled and dishes in the sink. Where your kids come first. I see the sacrifices. The missed milestones. The frustrations. You are doing amazing. This is just a season. You areContinue reading “Season of Motherhood”

Life in the Chaos: a pregnant mom’s perspective during 2020

Thoughts I wrote out 2 years ago in 2020 as this world was starting to get crazy. Hope it is an encouragement to you as well today. A Christian, wife of a furloughed husband, and pregnant mom’s view of the crazy world right now …If you had asked me a few weeks ago about thisContinue reading “Life in the Chaos: a pregnant mom’s perspective during 2020”

Seasons of Life

God’s creation is such a beautiful display of His power and Majesty.I look at the beauty behind it and how flowers go through seasons. They start as a seed and go through a process till they are beautiful blooms. Jesus helps us through a process too! Another great example would be how a diamond goesContinue reading “Seasons of Life”