Setting Boundaries

Dealing with narcissistic people over the years has taught me a few valuable lessons.

This quote hit me so hard today. I love helping people, giving, encouraging … But because of my heart, alot of times I am used, taken advantage of, and walked on.

It hurts when you care so much about people and then they just use you.

It also depletes so much of you, who you are, your time, your energy, even your resources.

Boundaries are so key. In relationships, in friendship, and even in business dealings you have to set up boundaries.

Know when to “close the account” … Sometimes we just can’t help that person. There is a block button for a reason. Doesn’t mean you can’t still pray for that person.

You can still pray for people, encourage people and give them tools and help they need without giving them money constantly and your constant full hearted attention.

Those who truely want your friendship and help will accept the tools and tips you give. They will respect your time and boundaries. Those who want it easy and don’t want to give anything in the relationship will just keep taking and asking for free handouts. And you are enabling those patterns when you keep giving handouts over and over.

Authentic relationships take work and effort. They encourage, build up, and give to each other. They love and give without expecting constant things in return. They take time, they won’t always be perfect, but they will work through it.

Be an authentic friend, know when to “close the account,” and stop enabling narcissistic and selfish patterns.

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