“Just Start” Day 1 …

13lbs … I seriously just stood there and cried today. And no these were not happy tears. To see I GAINED 13 lbs since my last weigh in back in June was not a happy moment. I mean I knew I hadn’t been able to workout as much this summer and alot of things have been happening. I was feeling angry, frustrated, and defeated.

But this is WHY I am in this next fitness challenge: to continue this health and fitness journey and continued lifestyle changes. I mean we have been making lifestyle changes. My mental health has improved, we are making more meals at home that are healthier, I am moving at least some a few days a week, and I am dealing with less daily discomfort.

Honestly some of that may be muscle increase. The scale doesn’t share everything. It isn’t the thing I should be focused on! Being healthier and stronger is the focus: mentally and physically.

Each challenge has been helping me on this journey. And I am so excited for Day 1 … again. We can always start over on something! Start fresh. Start again. The biggest thing is taking that step and starting! And I did that.

This WeNotMe fitness challenge it is so much more then me … I have 3 other friends on my team with me. We are able to build each other up, encourage each other, push each other, and help each other continue a healthier lifestyle. So today, day 1 I got my water in, ate protein with every meal, made healthier eating decisions, got a 30 minute workout in, and had a good night’s sleep last night. Here is to starting and improving and learning on this continued journey. Not every moment is going to be perfect but you choose to pick yourself up and keep going!

You can do this! Whatever your “day 1” is today; a new health habit, quitting an unhealthy habit, starting a side business, restarting a side business, learning a new skill … whatever it is, you got this! Just start, take it one day and one step at a time. Before you know it you will be seeing improvements and be able to help someone else on their journey too.

2 thoughts on ““Just Start” Day 1 …

  1. Sarah, you are so amazing 🤩 I just love your heart and soul. You take every thing in and with an open mind and you are such a leader. I’m more then grateful to be your partner again in another challenge!!! Let’s get it done Sister. Love you tons


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