When God Says “No” or “Wait”

The times of waiting are probably some of the hardest times of our life. Waiting for a job, waiting for a health report, waiting for news, waiting for a relationship to be restored, or whatever the wait may be. Then what if all those prayers, the times of waiting, lead to a “no” or different answer then we wanted? Is God still good? Is He still in control? Does He understand?

We may not even understand why or what God is doing until eternity. I know that is a hard concept to grasp too. We are finite beings and want to know why now. I can say with confidence that God does use all these times to grow us and bring glory to His name. We are His masterpiece and He is the artist, carefully sculpting us. It may be painful, just like a precious stone when it is refined, God is also refining us.

I will also be the first to say that I “KNOW” all this, but it is a whole other story to actually apply it or accept it in your heart. It is HARD going through times of waiting. Trying to navigate the unknown, doing all you can to keep going one day at a time. I remember a few periods of waiting. Trying to remind myself of what God has done in the past and how He had been faithful and provided in special ways through those times.

God is always at work! He works in the valley too. He is there with us, even if we don’t always see it. He is working together for our good. (Romans 8:28)
He knows the plans for our life and they are to grow us not harm us. (Jeremiah 29:11)
God is good to those who seek Him. (Lamentations 3:25)

We must go to Him in prayer always, in the hard times and the good times. We must be growing in a relationship with Him, studying His word and the truths He has for us. The Bible reminds us over and over again how faithful He is and how He is there through it all. How his plans are eternal, that His glory will be shown. Who He is flows through the text.

God my provider

God my hope

God my comfort

God my rock

God my peace

The beginning and the end.

I know this time of waiting is hard! I know what it is like to wonder how you are going to keep the lights on. Standing in the grocery aisle trying to decide if you need bread or milk more this week. Waiting on those medical answers and help with what is next. Waiting for God to do some great work of redemption and restoration in a relationship.

God is still there and working through all that.

What if God says “no”? What if after what seems like a lifetime of prayer and seeking Him, His answer is No? No to healing, no to that baby making it full term, no to getting that better job, no to that restored relationship? Is God still good? … Yes!

We know God is good. We may not like this answer but we have faith that He has something better in store for us. It is hard with our finite minds. His ways are higher. (Is. 55:9) We see the here and now. But we have to trust that God is working all things out for good. (Romans 8:28)

Paul asked for God to remove his trials, and God didn’t always answer “yes”. But God worked through it all! His name was glorified. Jesus even asked that if it was God’s will to remove the pain of the cross that He would and God again answered “no.” But, because of God’s better plan, we are able to have eternal life and forgiveness because of His son’s death on the cross. He is working all things out. He is still with us in the valley. And what may seem like a “no” to our prayers, may be a “wait” or “I have something better in store.”

Let go and let God
And remember His faithfulness.

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