Mom Life: Calm in the Chaos

I shared this the other day on my social media …
Tonight called for some calming hot cocoa mixed with my decaf coffee 😂
Putting some chill terpenes in my diffuser…
What you don’t see are the piles of laundry, stack of dishes, spot on the floor with floor cleaner, and kids toys strung out…
Today was one of those days …
You know …
Where my baby fully soaked himself and his bed
My 4 year old decided to pee on the floor vs the potty because she was “distracted”
My husband got called in to work tonight
We had dirt everywhere from a planting project (another laundry load)
And my baby decided to not only soak through his diaper but have a 💩 explosion as well …
Another bath
Another load of laundry
But …
I wouldn’t trade this for the world 🌎
I am so thankful that being able to have my own e-commerce business means I get to be home with my kids. God has blessed us so much.
Every moment with them (hard and good) is a gift from God. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.

So ending the night with Bible stories and cuddles, sipping on some calming hot cocoa, and remembering this is just a season.

You got this Mom!

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