Just one of our 5 “F’s”
Yes our health has improved, our faith has strengthened, our family relationships have grown … But our whole well being has changed so much because we utilized the free financial coaching we get with our company.

We have learned where to put our money. More money actually usually causes more problems. My marriage was struggling on this front cause finances were a huge stresser.

So after over a year working with our financial coach.
We have a savings account set up with at least 2 months of bills (and adding to it)
We have life insurance and a 401k
We have been able to write off alot of our business in taxes.
We have paid off 3 credit cards now and about to pay off a 4th
We have raised our credit scores about 100 points
We have a plan in place to snowball the rest of our debt

And we are just getting started. We will be working on a plan to make sure our kids future is better as well.

Financial freedom can change your life. It is giving me back so much.

What could just this one thing do for you and your family? You don’t have to recruit, you can just utilize this program and share about what is helping you to make some extra money for your family.
I would love for you to meet and connect with my mentor who is helping change our life so much!

What is holding you back?

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