Why Am I Not Seeing Success

A little heart to heart today. I feel like someone needs to hear this, cause I needed this reminder. Why am I not seeing success or improvements in my: business, marriage, parenting, or self-development?Here are some things I have noticed over the years that have helped or hindered my growth in these areas. Some questionsContinue reading “Why Am I Not Seeing Success”


Finances Just one of our 5 “F’s”Yes our health has improved, our faith has strengthened, our family relationships have grown … But our whole well being has changed so much because we utilized the free financial coaching we get with our company. We have learned where to put our money. More money actually usually causesContinue reading “#finances”

Our 5 “F’s”

#faith #family #friends #fitness and #finances …. these are our 5 “F’s” we have been centered around for the past 3.5 years. This is what our business is focused around. We have to have balance in these. If one of these is off, it can mess up the others. So what are some practical waysContinue reading “Our 5 “F’s””

Change … Alignment

Change and Alignment have been 2 words that have stuck out to me the past month … If you know me, you know I HATE change. I struggle big time when things don’t go according to plan. The me a few years ago would break down, want to quit, and struggled so much staying aboveContinue reading “Change … Alignment”

What is different? Is this the real deal?

Some of you have been following me a while. 🥰 Wondering why I left my previous businesses and how long this is going to last … ❓ Is this new e-commerce business really the real thing? Can it really help people? 1. I am here for life … Seriously. No, you won’t see me withContinue reading “What is different? Is this the real deal?”

Word for 2022 – Intentional

Intentional … This is my word for 2022. Intentional in my time with God.Intentional in my time with my family.Intentional in my business.Intentional in my health.Intentional in building relationships … Etc. It is so easy to be “busy” … To not 100% be in the moment and give your full attention to someone or something.TakingContinue reading “Word for 2022 – Intentional”