Our 5 “F’s”

#faith #family #friends #fitness and #finances …. these are our 5 “F’s” we have been centered around for the past 3.5 years. This is what our business is focused around. We have to have balance in these. If one of these is off, it can mess up the others.

So what are some practical ways to improve/grow/focus on these? How has our life improved in the past few years?

Faith: Jesus Christ must be at the center of our relationships, marriage, parenting, business, and personal life. Doing a Bible study as a couple, family devotions, or just taking time to start your morning with prayer and reflection on God’s word is a great way to strengthen your faith. I have seen so much growth in my walk with Jesus. We have lost a baby, gone through broken relationships, lost loved ones, had financial hits, and more in the past few years. My faith is what sustained me through all this. I know Jesus is always faithful and provides grace, comfort, strength, and help. Our business and the mentorship we get through it have helped us strengthen our faith and encouraged our hearts in some deep times.

Family: Our family of course has grown! We added our beautiful baby boy in August 2020. But through this time my marriage has strengthened and we are learning to navigate parenthood. Date nights are important. Setting aside time for your spouse and your kids is vital. That means putting the phone down, having no distractions, and really taking time to be involved. Love all the support and encouragement we get from our business to put our family first.

Friends: The friendships we have gained over the past few years have been amazing! The community is unlike anything we have experienced in this industry. The mentorship and leadership have helped our family and business so much. To have leaders who really care about you, it doesn’t matter if they are an upline, downline, sideline, whatever … they are there to encourage and push you to be the best. We have so much support and encouragement through some hard times. I am learning to build relationships and create lasting friendships. We have gained so much and I can’t wait to grow even more friendships in the coming months and years!

Fitness/Health: This was one of the biggest reasons I chose this company over 3 years ago. My health was at an all-time low, I had no energy or motivation to get through the days, I was struggling with being a new mom, and my husband noticed I wasn’t myself and I knew I needed something to help me. I wanted something on the more natural side if at all possible. Then after taking the products for a bit, I noticed I had more energy and mental clarity, could focus better, and I felt like me again. My family started to notice and my husband said he had his wife back. I actually felt like living life to the fullest again. We were so shocked to feel a difference so quickly & am so thankful we found these products. 

Not only the products themselves have helped our fitness and health. But we also have an amazing Qfit community and fitness app with personal trainers and nutrition help. We have learned so much through this. Teaching our family how to eat healthier, making sure to move our bodies, focusing on the mental health/mindset, and learning better habits. We are teaching our kids a healthier lifestyle. Some ways to focus on your health/fitness: drink water, move your body, supplement/fill in nutritional gaps, get counseling (yes this is still key to your health), create healthy habits, and have support.

Finances: This is where we have seen incredible things! We receive free financial coaching through this business. It has been such a blessing. Through the coaching we have learned how to use our money wisely, create a budget, set up savings, get life insurance and a 401K, raise our credit scores, and have a plan to snowball our debts. We have seen our credit scores rise 75+ points this past year, paid off over 10K in debt, set up an emergency savings, and for the first time, finances are not a stresser on our marriage or health. So besides using the free financial coaching we offer, some simple tips:
– create a budget for your family
– snowball your debt
– write out everything you spend money on and find where your bad habits are or things you don’t need
– set aside money for your health and wellness needs
– set money in a separate account for your taxes throughout the year

Our life has changed so much and we are excited for what is still to come for our family. We are also thankful for the privilege to help so many other families! So what would your life look like in a year or 5 years from now if you focused on your 5 “F’s”? What if you had help and support along the way too? Happy to share more or see how we can help your family.

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