Why Am I Not Seeing Success

A little heart to heart today. I feel like someone needs to hear this, cause I needed this reminder.
Why am I not seeing success or improvements in my: business, marriage, parenting, or self-development?
Here are some things I have noticed over the years that have helped or hindered my growth in these areas. Some questions to ask yourself and maybe even some action steps to change. Be honest with yourself as you read through this and self-evaluate.

🔹Am I showing up?
Let’s take your business or job for instance. Are you showing up? Are you going to the training provided daily, weekly, monthly? Are you going to your corporate-led events and conventions? Are you allowing mentors to pour into you? Are you reading things and researching how to improve in the area you are in? Are you relationship-building daily with your clients, potential clients, fellow workers, and leaders?

What about your marriage and family? Are you showing up for them? Are you making time for them? Making them a priority? Planning date nights? Having family dinners with NO TECH? Taking time away from your business and be in the moment with your kids and spouse or family?

🔹Am I filling my own cup?
Am I taking time for myself? To take care of my health? To relax? To self develop? Am I in God’s word each day (or rehearsing positive affirmations)? Am I actually learning something and applying it? Am I taking time to just breathe? I can’t fill other cups if mine isn’t filled.

🔹Am I truly “all in?”
When you got your job, joined your network marketing business, or whatever you do … you chose to do that. It is a JOB, you have to actually work it, put effort into it, learn and grow, and honestly put 100% into it. (During your business hours 😉 ) If you have 4 or 5 companies, it is going to be hard to put 100% in each one. Some of you may really need to self-evaluate right now and see what that job or position or company is that you really have a passion for and want to be at. If it isn’t building you up, encouraging you, helping you grow and change and improve, then maybe this isn’t where you are meant to be right now?

Same with being a parent … sorry but we can’t be “half in” …
What if you just feed your baby but don’t change him? What if you get all the dirty clothes together but never clean them? Your household is not going to run well. Your kids aren’t going to be the best they can be and also see you at your best. You won’t see growth or success with your kids if you aren’t also giving them 100% when it is time to be with them. So when the time you have set aside for them comes around, go all in! Put the phone down, be with them, invest in them, take care of them, and don’t miss the opportunity God has given you.

🔹Am I in an environment where I can grow and succeed?
Is the job/company I am with building me up? Giving me the tools and training I need? Providing a positive environment? OR am I not being poured into? Am I in a toxic environment surrounded by toxic people? What can I do or change so I am in a better, more supportive environment? You will be surprised what happens when you start to remove the negative and toxic people and places out of your life.

What are some applications I can apply for this week?

1. Re-evaluate your situations, ask those hard questions.
2. Show up 100% this week in your business and your relationships. Give your attention to things, actually be on those training calls, or give your full attention to your current situation.
3. Create a schedule. Time block if needed. Know what hours you are going to fully invest into your job/business, your family, your house, and yourself.
4. Find one book or Bible study to start going through to grow you.
5. Find an accountability partner or support group and plugin, let people work in your life too, and be open to helping others as well.

You will see growth and success over time. Just keep working on yourself, showing up, relationship building, and surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting opportunities.

4 thoughts on “Why Am I Not Seeing Success

    1. Thanks so much. God has been teaching me so much lately and using so much in my life … Learning a lot on this parenting journey, my marriage, entrepreneur life, and leader, and wanting to encourage and inspire others too. Hope you have a blessed weekend

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  1. Am I truly “all in” is a question I’ve been pondering on in my recent career path. Realized I’m not and have almost zero interest in it, so I’m making some changes and taking on a new path!


    1. You got this! I made a pivot 4 years ago and it was the best decision I have made for my family. So thankful and blessed where I am at right now but it was definitely a scary decision. Cheering you on, on your new path!


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