Season of Motherhood

I see you moms …
I see the daily struggles.
The hard times.
The challenging moments.
I see the snuggles.
The times set aside.
The laundry piled and dishes in the sink.
Where your kids come first.

I see the sacrifices.
The missed milestones.
The frustrations.

You are doing amazing.
This is just a season.
You are providing an incredible future for that little one.
Keep going.
With God’s help.
Don’t quit.
Wake up every morning and take a step of faith.
One step at a time
One decision at a time.

Hold tight to that little one.
Enjoy the moments.
Be present.
Don’t give up on them or yourself.

Give yourself Grace.
One moment at a time.
Fill your cup and take care of yourself,
so you can be the best Mom God has called you to be.

I am cheering you on in this parenting journey.
You are seen and matter.
God has you.

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