Homeschooling: Picking Curriculum

How many of you are homeschooling this year? Are you new to homeschooling or have you been doing it for a while?

Finding the right curriculum for your child can be so daunting. I have a few tips but I would love to hear from you all too and your tips!

1. You know your child best! What type of learners are they? (See comments for a great graphic) remember your child may be a mix of learning styles. So when looking for a curriculum, look for things that center more around your child’s learning styles.

2. It is ok to mix and match! This is one of the amazing freedoms we have vs when our kids are in a traditional school. We can tweak based on our kids’ needs (and our budget 😂) it is ok to not get an entire curriculum from one company.

3. Look through samples and such first. Many companies have downloads of some of their lessons. Browse through it, maybe even show your child and see what they think.

4. But used if possible. You can look for local homeschooling stores or Facebook groups with homeschooling curriculum for sale.

5. Be patient, understanding, and flexible. You may need to change things up a few weeks on or halfway through the semester. Give yourself Grace as you go through this journey with your child.

6. Use resources to supplement. If a curriculum has a lot of books to buy, utilize the library or ebook sites instead. Check out free or low-cost apps to use for your kids as well. Don’t forget co-ops too! They can help with teaching some of the harder subjects or providing resources as well.

You got this!!! I can’t wait to see how your year goes.

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