The Attributes of God

This quote …
I started a new Bible study tonight from @thedailygraceco on the Attributes of God.

She starts by saying “our walk with God will not progress if we do not grow in our knowledge of God.”

It is a daily walk with Him. It is a relationship. Just like your relationship with your spouse or your kids. You get to know them deeper and more personally each day. Who they are as a person.

We should be faithfully in God’s word and communicating with Him through prayer. Growing the relationship with our Savior and allowing Him to sanctify us. It is a journey and we will be fully sanctified in heaven.

The attributes of God are so important and like she mentions they “reveal three things: God’s character, our sin, and the glorious gospel.”

I encourage you this week or even in the coming weeks to take time to really delve into God’s attributes and let Him work and reveal His truth into your life.
This study is a great start.

“God, I pray that I would know you more today, than I did yesterday”

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