God’s Provision through Silent Battles

Not many will truly understand the things you are going through … some people have never really had struggles like that. But I will say I can understand a whole lot more of what some of you have gone through or are right now.

I want this to be an encouragement to those who are going through things. To let you know God does work, He is faithful, and He does provide in special ways.
I want you to know that it is ok to feel, that not everything will be perfect, there will still be major times of uncertainty. But God is there through it all, even if He seems silent

I also wanted to cautiously share that if you don’t truly understand people’s struggles to please be kind. Be careful what you say. Don’t “one-up” or “brag” while someone else is possibly at their wit’s end.

I pray that none of you have to go through struggles like this, and I also know that others have even harder struggles than what we have been through. Let’s remember one another in prayer and support however we can. (a few dollars to help them with a tank of gas, prayer, offering to watch their kids, bringing them a meal, whatever)

So, if you haven’t ever been to the point at the grocery store where you are praying they have things on sale and having to decide if you need bread or milk more that week … not being picky on what you get to feed your family (not organic, not steak, not name brand, etc) then, you may not really understand what some people are going through. Those who are really struggling, won’t mind you bringing some groceries to them, or a grocery gift card, or even a few dollars (you will be surprised at how far we can stretch $10-$15 in the store). They will be thankful for whatever comes their way.

We have seen God provide in some amazing ways the past 2 months. We haven’t gone hungry (thanks to church, family, and amazing stores). We have found things we have needed at our local discount store. We have had an amazing manager at a local grocery store who marks stuff down greatly at night and tells us when to come in. We have had 2 turkey’s gifted to us, giftcards mailed to us … God’s blessings go on and on. He will always take care of our needs.

Now let’s talk about bills. Until you get that disconnect notice, that your car insurance is about to lapse, debt collectors hounding you daily cause of a missed credit card payment … you may not really understand what some are going through. So when you see people on social media selling things, going to flea markets to sell whatever they can find in their house … taking their game collections and book collections they have been saving up for their children, just so they keep the power on and gas in the car, maybe encourage them instead of mocking them or ignoring them. Maybe take a look and see what they have to offer that maybe you need or can use for gifts. Most people in true need won’t just ask you for a couple hundred dollars. You will see them working, doing what they can, while they are in times of waiting and uncertainty. They will be grateful for whatever help and support. They won’t turn away a few dollars or gas gift cards, or you wanting to share their post or even just calling them on the phone and crying and praying with you.

We have had people come around us in prayer. Free vendor events, someone pay for a table at the flea market, families who are also struggling gift us money just in time for a bill or keep us from overdrafting … and so much. My amazing business pay come in when we have needed it. We have seen God work and we know He will continue to provide for our needs tonight and in the coming days and weeks.

What about unknowns in your health? Or a family member dying of cancer …. how about losing a child to a miscarriage … until you have felt the pain and heartache, the battle to understand and see the good in it all, and God working …. then maybe just be there for someone. Pray for them. Check-in on them, let them know you don’t understand but you know God does. That you are there crying with them. Not talking behind their back, or going on about how you are doing or how you don’t have it that bad. Just show support and kindness.

I have seen God provide answers over the years on health battles. Giving us exactly what we have needed. Opened doors for things though friends sharing …. being able to help others because of what we have gone through, felt God carrying us through. Some days were rough, some days we wondered why … some days we are still trying to hear God in the Silence … but we reflect on His goodness and faithfulness over the years and know He will be with us even if the answer is not always our answer.

I pray for so many of you in your silent battles. I pray that many of you will never have to go through some of these silent battles. I praise God for our silent battles and for the people He has surrounded us with. Those who have lifted us up before the throne of Grace and support us in various ways. May God bless you all and His name be glorified.

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