Seasons of Life

God’s creation is such a beautiful display of His power and Majesty.
I look at the beauty behind it and how flowers go through seasons. They start as a seed and go through a process till they are beautiful blooms.

Jesus helps us through a process too! Another great example would be how a diamond goes through a purification process. This process is rough. However, in the end, something beautiful has been created.

We all have various seasons of life, and some may be gut-wrenching, earth-shattering seasons. We may not always see Him at work or understand what He is doing. It is a process, takes time, and maybe rough! But, in the end, something beautiful is displayed.

God uses people during this time to and His word. He uses people to minister to your heart, encourage you, and remind you who He is and what He has done. He uses His church to provide in so many ways and brings you blessings through it all.

We have seen this time and time again, especially in our latest season of waiting and hardship. God is so faithful! I praise Him for how he has used so many in our church, family, friends, and the body of Christ to help and support us and point us back to Jesus.

If you are going through a challenging season of life, remember that God is there. He is the only one who truly understands. He is there with you. You have to have faith in Jesus and hold on to the hope we have through the cross. We may never know or understand why on this earth, but heaven is far greater.

And remember today that you may be someone’s blessing. Look for a way to be that today, to encourage and uplift others. I am covering so many of you in prayer this holiday season.

And so thankful for our church and the church we grew up in! How they continue to minister to our family. (Grace Bible Church in Moore, SC and Heritage Bible Church in Greer, SC) Their doors are always open if you are looking for help and hope.

May you seek and remember Jesus and all He is and has done this Holiday season.

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