Even in Chaos, Find the Blessings

Not even sure I can put everything into words from the past 24+ hours.
Emotionally and physically
But I am also so thankful for so many small blessings from today.
God is so good and provides for our needs.
We ended up with an overnight vet emergency. So that meant two kids in the car driving to the next town over in the middle of the night.
So we had been up since Saturday morning. Roger worked 8 hours Saturday. He was already exhausted. The kids did not really sleep once there 😂
So we were up all night.
Our cat is ok. Still have to go into the vet tomorrow and make sure we aren’t looking at another procedure or surgery.
So 5am and we were able to head home.
And …
Tire pressure light comes on. We stop to add air and realize we have a leak. Try to see if we can make it home and get on the highway to have the lights and everything flashing at us and we could feel that this wasn’t going to make it.
By God’s grace and protection make it off the exit to the gas station.
Can’t find our jack and no one had one OR was willing to stop and help us. And this was the one time my parents phones were off. (Remember this is at 5:30am on a Sunday 😂) after get a jack and a bad wrench and mega frustration 45 minutes in, we pray.
And a sweet older gentleman in a truck pulls up to get air in his tire. He stops he immediately gets tools out and helps us, no questions asked. He even drove our spare tire to another gas station to get air. So around 7:30am we are finally on the road to home.
We saw the tire, it was a miracle didn’t completely blow and we weren’t in a severe car accident. God is so good.
Praising God for his protection today.
Thankful for the kindness of a stranger amongst many who just didn’t want to be bothered.
Thankful for immediate credit approval for care credit and the ability to get this paid off pretty quickly without major harm to our financial progress.
Thankful for funds to get a tire today.
Thankful for slumber terpenes so my 2 year old could sleep in the car. Thankful for Qsport so we could stay awake and sane.
Thankful for peace and comfort while I was also dealing with my grandma now gone for 10 years and a flood of emotions. And thankful for a few precious hours of sleep.
There are always blessings in the chaos. Always something to be thankful for even in the hard times. God is good and in control.
Also thankful for so many who prayed with us and encouraged us today. Thanks.
No matter what life brings this week, know that God is bigger then the circumstances and look for the blessings.

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