My Journey

It isn’t just a weight thing.
It is a whole lifestyle change.

4 years ago. I was at a really dark spot in my life.
I had no energy, didn’t want to get out of bed, struggled being a new mom, couldn’t focus, was overweight, had horrible financial habits, my marriage was struggling, and I really didn’t know if life was worth living.

Qsciences came into my life exactly when I needed it and I am so thankful God opened these doors. Yes, I was skeptical, yes I didn’t think this was going to be any different from other network marketing companies out there … But I was so wrong.

1 month later I had energy, sleeping better, less brain fog, wanting to live life again, and we actually made some extra cash for some things at Christmas time 4 years ago. #christmascash

Fast forward 4 years …
2 years using our Qfit app. 4 years on incredible supplements. 4 years of mentorship and support, 2 years of financial coaching …

My finances are on track. We have worked on some bad spending habits. We now have a savings account. We have paid off a ton of debt. We have retirement set up, we have life insurance, we have a plan to snowball our debt and create a better future for our kids. Thanks @theffmovement

I have lost 2 sizes. I am learning healthier habits. I am able to move better. I have more energy. My mental health is much better. I have a huge group of support (and I walked my own 5k this fall!!)
Thanks @myqfitapp

My faith has deepened. My marriage has strengthened. I am growing more confident. I am becoming a better mom. All thanks to the mentorship and trainings we get day in and day out here.

I have learned so much about social media, about relationship building, gained so many incredible friends, have had people encourage me through some hard times in our life, and so much more.

And I have been able to be a part of other lives changing. I had no idea how saying yes to something scary 4 years ago would change so many other lives.

This could be you too! What will your story be in 4 years? What lives are waiting for you to help them change and grow too?

Take a few minutes to just look and see what this could do for you and your family!

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