“Curiosity isn’t Commitment”

“Curiosity isn’t commitment”

If you asked me 10 years ago if I would be here, I would have never even had this on my radar.

Same almost 5 years ago when I made a huge pivot for myself and my family.

10 years ago I was kinda suckered into an MLM company. I never really wanted to do “one of those things.” And little did I know that the company already knew they were going to close it’s doors. So here is newly married me, stuck holding the bag, and now over $1000 in debt cause I had to make up money for what people paid and never received (plus my own investment).

I thought I was done, I would never get back into this industry. I was so heartbroken and felt defeated.

A friend encouraged me again to try. I found a company, it wasn’t bad. But it wasn’t something that really had repeat customers or something I was passionate about. Again adding more debt.

I dabbled in a few others, had another company close and treat us bad, went through comp plan restructuring, etc. Again just more debt accruing and my reputation and credibility going down.

I finally ended up in the health and wellness space. Now I was actually helping myself and started to at least get my products free. I was learning more about my own health needs.

Then a pivot 5 years ago. My health tanked, my marriage was struggling, I wasn’t sleeping, and I had a baby (well she had just turned 1 at this point). Being a new mom was hard. I had no financial literacy, we were swimming in debt, and I was just ready to give up on everything. Until someone introduced me to Qsciences.

I wasn’t looking at another business opportunity. Just something to help my health get back on track. And seeing the products and science and studies, I was sold! But,

When I saw the business structure and how they were so focused on the 5 f’s: faith, family, friends, fitness, and finances, I took an in-depth look.

I couldn’t unsee what I saw. Free financial Coaching, umm yes, I needed that. One of the best comp plans I have seen in my then 5 years of network marketing, again yes please. And mentorship and support from top leaders, yes!

But wow we got so much more.

My marriage has grown,

my faith has strengthened,

my health is the best it has been,

we have learned and are learning incredible lifestyle habits,

we went from 0 financial literacy to now having things set up for our future,

we have incredible friendships,

we are being encouraged and mentored by so many, and we are finally seeing others win here too.

To now have the blessing and opportunity to help so many other families because we took a look and pivoted when we did.

Yes it was scary.

Yes it has been hard.

Nothing rewarding comes easy.

But worth it all.

So, if you have read this far. Thanks for being a part of our journey. For allowing us to help serve you and your family in many ways.

I want to leave you with a question.

Did you know curiosity isn’t commitment? But what if taking a peek opened up the door to something incredible? You never know if you don’t look.

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