What is different? Is this the real deal?

Some of you have been following me a while. 🥰

Wondering why I left my previous businesses and how long this is going to last … ❓

Is this new e-commerce business really the real thing?

Can it really help people?

1. I am here for life … Seriously. No, you won’t see me with a ton of other companies (cause I refuse to get stuck in the debt pattern again of having to pay to stay in a business). This business offers free financial coaching. That alone is worth it for our family … We have already paid off a huge chunk of debt and have a plan in place for the future.

2. I have tried so many health and wellness products out there. Some helped for a season, some made me sick or caused issues. This is the real deal. Backed by science, keeping up with the times and needs, and has something for everyone. We believe in it so much, we even have a money back guarantee 🙂

3. To have mentorship and a simple system in place is huge. To be able to have industry leaders who aren’t even directly on your team talk to you and help you is a big deal. To feel like a family when you are going through hard times. And a simple system that works and helps people right away. This is unlike anything out there. So thankful for these leaders and mentors!

4. My voice is finally heard! We can share our ideas about products, give our feedback on products, take time to talk with our VP of product development and corporate staff … I honestly never saw that in another company.

5. Simple comp plan. Where you know exactly how much you will be paid each month. Honestly the best I have seen. No crazy car programs to put you in more debt but a financial freedom bonus to help you out of debt! It must be pretty amazing if top earners from other companies are checking us out! And buckle up cause what is coming in 2022 is 🤯

6. I am able to help people. I am able to see families who have had bedtime battles finally get a good night’s rest … Or see a mom who has struggled so much with anxious feelings and low energy finally get some control of her life … And so many more stories. To see team members on stage collecting huge, life changing checks … To see people become completely debt free … 💯🥰

I am staying here for us …

But also staying here for you!

I see so many of you struggling. I know you need the help. I will continue to be friends, to encourage and support, and just share. I am here when you are ready to take a peak at what makes this different. How this may just be the answer to your family.

Don’t let another year go by without just taking a moment to see what this could mean.

Happy 2022! Here is to an amazing year! 💥🎉

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