So many people tell me “I want to improve my health but I have no money” … seriously though if you really want to make your health a priority you will find the money!
I mean if you are sick most likely you go and get Nyquil, Pepto, Advil, or something to make you “feel” better.

So if you are struggling with sleep, energy, immune issues, brain/mental issues, weight issues, and pain issues … you are going to want to find something to help you.

So where can I find that money?

Well let’s start with step 1: where is your money going? I mean all of it … every single penny!

Go look through your debit and credit cards and receipts.
Write down everything you spent money on the past 30 days, I mean everything … your groceries, your direct sales purchases, gas, snacks, eating out, bills …

Then take your list (should be very detailed) and cross out things you need/had to pay for to live (like electric bill, rent/mortgage, needed groceries, gas, etc.)
Now go through and highlight things that you didn’t “NEED” … (coffee, snacks, eating out, ds items that were just for fun, activities, alcohol, etc.)

Now those highlighted items, go write out the dollar amount next to each of them 🙂 Do you now see somewhere you can have an extra $20-$100 to invest in your health?


IS you, your health, you being there for your family a bigger priority then your coffee and energy drinks, your Chickfila, your new bag, or your salon trip? This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these, it just means you need to set your priorities and know when you can enjoy these! (budget!)

Of course the one added thing for us, when you are making extra money 💵 during the month with your side gig, you can enjoy these things without worry … but make sure it is in the budget 🙂

Thanks so much to amazing mentors who have helped me with priorities and how to work on debt free living!

Who is ready to invest in their health and future this month? Reach out to me.

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